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Companies all over the world rely on our breaking-edge software to handle their marketing.


We Will Bring You To The Next Level Of Business

Our marketing strategy is different from other marketing companies out there. We take the approach of leveraging marketing software tools to help grow your business and generate more sales! This approach is much more affordable and effective for your business!


Our Services

Sales Funnels

Revolutionize your marketing approach with our advanced sales funnel platform. Dive deep into analytics to gain valuable insights, and supercharge your strategy with A-B split testing for optimal performance.


Enhance your online presence with our cutting-edge website solution. Craft a professional and compelling appearance on the web that showcases your business's value proposition.

Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize communication with our AI-driven software. Elevate your messaging with intelligent chatbots, effortlessly enhance writing, or engaging conversational AI experiences.


Supercharge your marketing efforts with our cutting-edge CRM, empowering you to streamline campaigns, analyze customer data, and drive unparalleled business growth.


Boost your online reputation with our powerful software that helps businesses get more Google reviews, driving traffic, increasing trust, and attracting more customers. Start building a positive image today!


Boost your email and text message campaigns with our powerful software that automates personalized messaging, increases open rates, and drives higher engagement for maximum results.


Streamline your business operations with our innovative software, providing seamless automation solutions that save time, increase efficiency, and maximize productivity.

Payment Processing

Streamline your payment process with our cutting-edge software, enabling businesses to effortlessly handle transactions and enhance customer satisfaction.


Maximize your business's communication potential with our versatile software that seamlessly integrates text, email, social media DMs, and more, ensuring you never miss a chance to connect with your audience.


Everything You Need All In One Place

Our Packages

WhiteWater - DIY On Our Software

For The Marketing Savvy Businesses


2 Way Text Messaging   

GMB Messaging

Web Chat


Reputation Management

Facebook Messenger  

GMB Call Tracking 

Missed Call Text Back

Text To Pay




Email Marketing






HTML Builder

Trigger Links

SMS & Email Templates

Support Portal

ProWave- Done For You

For The Busy Businesses

Price Varies

Get Exactly What You Need

We Offer Services In:

Full Website Buildout

Ai Chat Bot

Google Reviews Management

Pre-Built Marketing Funnel



Email/Text Campaign Management

SEO Optimization

Calendar Setup

Social Media Integrations

On-Demand Support

Meet The Team

Matthew Russo - CEO / Founder


“Matt built me a gorgeous website, really nice website. Ten times better than my current site. He did all the backend stuff that I dreaded doing. Honestly he was just so easy to work with.”

– Jordan, Mindful Singers

“I recently worked with Matthew. He created a new website for me, a beautiful one. ”

– Laura, Valle Vocal Studios


Can I Cancel At Anytime?

If you are on our WhiteWater plan you can cancel at anytime. However, we tend to have contracts if you are on our ProWave Plan. So if you are on the ProWave plan you may not be able to cancel at anytime due to the contract.

What Other Fees Can I Expect?

The only other charges you have to worry other than our monthly subscription are the texts, emails, calls, and our A.I. charges.

What Type Of Support Can I Expect?

You can use our online help resources at , with a library of how-to videos. In addition offer On-Demand in Our ProWave plan.

What Makes Shore Tubes Different?

Shore Tubes is different than most other Software because it offers almost everything you could possibly need to operate a business online at a fraction of the cost & all in one place. In addition to savings on price, Shore Tubes offers Done-For-You services with the ProWave.

Do I Have To Pay For New Features?

Nope, you’re grandfathered in! We update our system very frequently, so you get to enjoy some of the industry’s leading new features as an Shore Tubes customer!

Is There A Limit On How Many Contacts, Funnels, Or Courses I Can Have?

No, there is no limit. It's Unlimited! You can have unlimited domains, unlimited funnels, contacts, and create unlimited courses/products and you aren't charged a dime more!

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